Putting the Pressure on Your Pipes' Integrity

Strike has the capabilities to conduct hydrostatic testing on any size pipeline ranging from 4” to 48”, from the smallest fabrication to cross-country mainlines, anywhere in North America. With a simple phone call, we can dispatch highly-trained hydrostatic testing crews along with specialized teams for "make ready" and leak repair from any of our regional offices.

We also provide our clients with the most detailed test documentation available, and maintain both electronic and physical archives should copies ever be required. Each engineered test report includes digital imagery and GPS coordinates for all relevant pipeline features.

Strike's hydrostatic testing services include:

  • Make Ready - Mechanical preparation and remedial work for testing operations
  • Fabrication - Install pigging facilities, valve settings, metering facilities, and temporary or permanent modifications to allow testing
  • Chemical Cleaning - Progressive cleaning solutions using pigs and special chemicals to clean lines
  • Line Fill, Test & Dewater - Late model, specially designed equipment allows pump performance to be matched to any project in the country
  • Dehydration & Mechanical Cleaning - Drying to ultra-low dew point temperatures and cleaning lines to high-purity levels
  • Leak & Failure Repair - High-tech, advanced leak detection methods and replacement and/or repair of defects identified during testing activities
  • Tie-ins & Recommissioning - Re-establishing pipeline operations following testing activities