Energy Below the Crust

The Strike family of companies provides turnkey solutions to further the use of geothermal energy. This renewable energy solution uses naturally heated water from within the Earth to generate steam. This steam is converted to usable energy at expertly crafted facilities, then injected back into the ground for renewable use.   


We have the capabilities to construct geothermal energy pipelines from wellhead to facility. Geothermal pipelines are built to handle heat expansion, utilize specialty aluminum insulation, and are placed above the ground – allowing for low environmental impact and the conservation of this heated renewable energy source. Also, these geothermal pipelines allow for low maintenance over time. Clients can be certain that, with Strike, your geothermal energy project will be completed with continuous quality assurance & control.

  • Building and Installation of Above Ground Supports
  • Installation of Pipe Insulation
  • Specialty Welding to B31.1 procedures
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Clean Reclamation and Painting


Strike will take your renewable energy projects from start to finish with specialty services to build quality geothermal energy facilities. These expertly crafted facilities utilize power generation to render heated renewable energy sources into power, and then transport these sources back into the ground.

Our experienced crews are capable of building any size facility throughout the United States.

Our geothermal facility construction services include:

  • Civil Construction
  • Steam Turbine Installations
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Abatement Systems
  • Power Generation