Sustainability for Generations

Strike and our family of companies partner with our clients to increase renewable energy solutions to obtain carbon neutrality and sustainability for generations to come. Our conversion programs are custom built to offer turnkey solutions for your existing infrastructure and creating energy efficient modifications. Together, we can create a more environmentally friendly world for future generations. 


Strike’s LED conversion program is built to make significant strides to reduce greenhouse emissions. We work closely with our clients to audit, evaluate, and retrofit high carbon emission lighting fixtures to more energy efficient LED lighting. With experience, crews, and an importance on communication, we can appropriately allocate our manpower and resources to complete LED conversion projects accurately and on time, helping reduce the planet’s overall carbon footprint. 

The Strike family of companies’ LED conversion program services include:

  • Complete Lighting Audit and Detailed Proposal
  • Lighting Retrofit Solutions and Energy Saving Analysis
  • Quality Assurance & Control 
  • Management of  Federal, State, and Utility Rebates
  • Recycling High Carbon Emission Lighting Fixtures


Our crews have the skill and expertise to upgrade your most complicated variable frequency drives (VFD) in motors such as those in conveyors, fans, pumps, and shop tools. With VFD conversion, clients can save energy by nearly half by enabling your motors to operate at a less than full speed.  In addition to providing cleaner energy, upgraded VFDs extend the lifespan of your equipment.  

Strike’s VFD conversion program provides you with a cleaner, safer way to operate your equipment—reducing overall, unforeseen damaged equipment costs, downtime, energy consumption, and carbon footprint.