Nationwide Site Development Services

Strike’s civil construction services address all of our customers’ clearing, demolition, excavation, and drainage needs. From tree and vegetation clearing, to installation of liner systems around the site, we can handle all of the site development requirements for any energy project, anywhere across the country to ensure that the site is fully ready for construction.

Strike's civil construction services include:

  • Vegetation and tree clearing
  • Demolition of existing improvements
  • Grading and sub-grade stabilization
  • Remediation of borrow pits, including draining, de-mucking, and sludge removal
  • Transportation of excess material and impacted soil
  • Pond construction, including basin excavation and berm construction with resulting soil
  • Installation of welded HDPE pipe for supply and return of brine
  • Installation of access roads and parking lots
  • Installation of storm drainage
  • Installation of site utilities, including water lines, fire line, and sanitary sewers
  • Concrete foundation installation