Strike Celebrates the 1st Year of "The Best You Ever!"

February 2013 marks the 1st anniversary of Witness the Fitness, Strike's health and wellness initiative.  The program provides all the tools necessary for employees to make better choices and encourages them to adopt a healthy wellness program to benefit their everyday lifestyle. 

The success of Witness the Fitness program has superseded everyone's expectations!  For the first year, the overall cumulative weight loss equaled 344.25 pounds; 97.35 inches and a 184.5% decrease in body fat!

Strike was nominated by Houston Business Journal as one of the Houston's Healthiest Employer. On March 26, 2013, Strike was ranked as the seventh healthiest employer in Houston – not too bad for the first year. Strike hopes to see continued success and for these numbers to grow even larger in the second year of this program.


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