Crossfire Announcing New Division in Wyoming

Crossfire, A Strike Company

In November of 2018, Crossfire opened an office in Casper, Wyoming. This office is the home of the new division, 514. This location was selected based on Crossfire’s favorable outlook for the Powder River Basin and in response to current client’s planning. Led by Regional Manager, Isaiah Lee, Crossfire anticipates employing approximately 160 personnel out of the Casper office. 

Crossfire, a Strike Company, is the premier provider of oil and gas field construction services, pipeline construction, hauling services, reclamation services, well servicing, commercial construction and excavation, hydro excavation and utility construction services in the western states. Their focus on safety and concern for the environment, give their clients confidence and make relationships long-standing and mutually rewarding. From well pad and road construction to environmental decommission, Crossfire is one of the nation’s most respected oil and gas industry servicing companies. For more information, visit their website at

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