Steve Pate

Chief Executive Officer, Partner

Steve Pate is a man of integrity. With great pride in the company he and his partners have built and grown exponentially over the course of the last 18 years, he leads his team with strength, innovation, and optimism. His commitment to excellence is felt by all, and always extends beyond the bottom line.

As CEO and one of the founding partners at Strike, Steve brings a clear and inspiring vision for the future of the company. This vision has never been for Strike to be the biggest, but rather the best—a goal that’s built upon core values of quality, safety, and integrity. This philosophy, combined with Steve’s strategic mindset and acute focus on listening to client needs, has empowered Strike to continuously exceed industry benchmarks and ultimately grow to become the energy infrastructure leader it is today.

With a passion for always doing what’s right for his employees, clients, and community, Steve continuously encourages employees to be generous, selfless, and caring of others. It was out of this passion that he initiated Strike’s community advocacy initiative, Campaign for Change, in 2012. Since its inception, Campaign for Change has amassed over 48,000 volunteer hours and distributed over $6.75 million in charitable donations.

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