Robert J. Jessen

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Robert (Rob) Jessen isn’t your typical CFO. While he excels at all things financial, what really gets Rob excited to come to work every day is the unique opportunity he has to help catapult Strike into the next evolution of growth and expansion.

Rob joined Strike as EVP and CFO in 2017, but has been a part of the company’s exponential growth as a board member since 2013. In his role, he balances his extensive financial and energy industry expertise with his passion for driving organizational transformation to continually propel the company forward, full speed ahead. He looks beyond the numbers, creating excitement about the future that cascades throughout the company.

A natural leader, Rob believes that success, no matter how big or small, is contagious—and he empowers others to achieve personal success through professional development. He shares his years of collective business wisdom by teaching leadership classes within Strike and helping team members understand how to add value to both the organization and its clients alike. 

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