A. Cole Pate

President, Partner

With an entrepreneurial mindset and a fierce attention to detail, Cole Pate is a strategic leader who keeps his finger on the pulse of the energy market. This focus, in combination with his breadth and depth of industry knowledge, gives Cole a clear vision to set a pace that ensures Strike stays ahead of the energy curve, and ahead of the competition.

As president of Strike, Cole leads the company’s integrated network of operations and directional planning. He’s responsible for evaluating and executing strategic opportunities, such as key acquisitions and market expansions, and regularly interfaces with clients and front-line employees.

In everything Cole does, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, and brings an acute focus on Strike’s strategic objectives and core values. With a commitment to building relationships that are so much more than transactional, Cole delivers an experience that’s driven by integrity and focused on delivering excellence in every capacity.

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